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Red Geometry



Mirka Knaster's textile art reflects her life-long cross-cultural experiences. Since her earliest years, she has stood in many worlds, not indigenous anywhere yet, chameleon-like, adapting everywhere. Born along the Adriatic Sea, she was educated in New York and northern California. She has lived in the Andes, Blue Ridge Mountains, and Hawaiian Islands, and traversed much of Latin America, Europe, Asia, southern Africa, New Zealand, and beyond. Residing on the Sonoma coast since 2005, she works in a studio overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Influenced and inspired by East Asian aesthetics and 20th-century abstract art, she is drawn to the simplicity of geometric shapes and minimal colors, especially red as a punctuation to black and white.


Mirka Knaster's studio is located Latitude: 38.725628 Longitude: -123.476258. See more of her work at mirkaart.com

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