Curatorial Statement by Laurel Smith*

Red Art 2 Mars Gallery expands on an early draft of my doctoral dissertation that proposed to send red artworks to Mars. That research ventured to imaginatively remove red art to the red planet as a way to highlight recurring questions about artists' uses of red. The resulting arts-informed inquiry launched an extensive body of red art research that exposes how red art is read.


Red Art 2 Mars Gallery hosts exhibitions consisting of photographic images of red art. The Red Art 2 Mars Gallery projector shines artists' illuminated images onto the red planet. Photons from the projected images reach the Martian surface, making Mars appear redder.  Those projected images are also vividly archived here



Laurel Smith, Red Rocket (CIXI) Lift Off

*Laurel Smith is a contemporary artist and founder of Red Art 2 Mars Gallery. She holds her BFA in Painting, MFA in Studio Art, and PhD in Education. Her ornaminimalism paintings and other projects are featured in major exhibitions, publications, and collections.