© Laurel Smith

Dandelion and wine





This still video photo follows the story of a dandelion falling apart in a porcelain bowl of wine. Through close-up and unfocused shots, the images are viscerally charged, dream-like, and surreal. I made this video in my kitchen one day after picking a dandelion and thinking about its, and the human body's, delicate existence. I aim to capture a sense of ethereality, and perhaps the sacrifical.


Bio: Primarily a performance and video artist, I have performed and exhibited work in the Netherlands, Toronto, and across the States. Most recently I performed alongside No Shame Theatre in Eugene, OR, and conducted a virtual performance at East-Klectic in Houston, TX. My video work has been exhibited in San Francisco, Tiujana, and Seoul as part of Emergent Art Space's travelling exhibition Crossing Borders. I use food and organic material in my work to explore the body as a vessel that can hold and be held. 

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