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Unseeing Red

The Invisible Art Collective International submits our invisible work to the Red Art 2 Mars Gallery with an understanding that color as we know it, as electromagnetic energy, is fundamentally invisible outside of our eye/brain system.

We often assume that color, in this instance red, exists because, for some of us, our human eye has the capacity to process electromagnetic energy in the range of 650 nanometers and to convert this energy into electrochemical signals that our brain can interpret to a thing we consider to be red.

We are all aware of the problems in this system, such as color blindness or acquired color vision defects that may deny or reduce one’s perception of red. We also know that many animals do not see “red” as we perceive it.

Therefore, red exists as the result of both physiological apparatus and via meanings that operate within a communal and contextual understanding of red. We should not consider red as a visual phenomenon to be a given.

The overarching concept we wish to stress is this: Red is fundamentally INVISIBLE. Our attached gif indicates that red begins as an invisibility and eventually it returns to the invisible once our visual system ceases.

Mars may perhaps enjoy our sending all electromagnetic energy in the range of 650 nanometers to it. As a result the planet may offer some form of recognition, (the red may get redder, for example), reconciliation, or redemption of red by the red planet, although we tend to doubt it.

The Invisible Art Collective International was founded by artist and novelist Christopher Willard, PhD and includes the following members from more than 15 countries: Noor ul Ain, Kevin Andrews, Luisa Angelucci, Mickael Ankri, Jordan Baraniecki, Jim Bay, Jim Bicknell-Knight and Sidney Smith (collaborative), Carol Breen, Lily Brooke, Nicole Brunel, Megan Conley, Bruno Chiarlone Debenedetti, Iva Kurkacova, Tanaselea Cristian Florin, Julie Impens, Jennifer James, Colby Jennings, LadyM, Lorna Jewitt, Shreepad Joglekar, Frans van Lent, Majena Mafe, Lori Miles, AMimura, Zahara Miriam, Iris Moore, Sarah Mole, Katya Ohshima-Pilecka, Quilos and the Windmill, Hazel Ramsay, Natali Rodrigues, Mike Shaw, Laurel Smith, Mathias Will.

For more information about the Invisible Art Collective International go to:!about/cjg9

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