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Majena Mafe is a transdisciplinary practice-led (phew) PhD artist who produces sound objects:  sound recordings, scores in film,  text works and venriloquist dummies, plus work on blogs. Red mars libretto is part of SOUNDAGE: Digital OPERA(TIONS. majenamafe.com...


Sarah Tompkins' ink drawings developed as a means of confronting a long period of severe illness and loss. The work relates to the lingering feelings of displacement and perceiving the human body as a vessel for experiences. Tompkins associates red with both sin and su...


This still video photo follows the story of a dandelion falling apart in a porcelain bowl of wine. Through close-up and unfocused shots, the images are viscerally charged, dream-like, and surreal. I made this video in my kitchen one day after picking a dandelion and th...


2007, oil on canvas, Central Pavilion, viewed at 45.261367 12.195754 57th Venice Biennale


Located 48.210033, 16.363449

Detail from "Pars pro Toto" with Red Art 2 Mars rocket at The Pavillion of Time and Infinity, 45.4371, 12.328463.


Sheild with Head of Medusa (convex side) and Battle Scenes (concave side), Oil on canvas, laid on poplar wood shield. Viewed at 53.350140, -6.266155.

There are no possible ways we could possibly express our consciousness and besides that our memories are involuntary. Thus there are no stories, no realities. There are only sensations and feelings. This image is one in my photo essay that has been devised and develope...


www.sculpturebyrobertcoon.net www.robertcoonsculptor.com Exhibitions of large-scale outdoor works Salmagundi XIXnational juried exhibition Rocky Mt. NC 2015-2016 OSE 2015 Cary Visual Arts Cary NC National Juried Exhibition 2015-2016 Sculpture Walk Jax juried exhibition...


Mirka Knaster's textile art reflects her life-long cross-cultural experiences. Since her earliest years, she has stood in many worlds, not indigenous anywhere yet, chameleon-like, adapting everywhere. Born along the Adriatic Sea, she was educated in New York and northe...

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